Desk top publishing is my favorite past time. I love to design for print. You can use any font (with in reason) and things stay where you want them. With the help of some friends we started a magazine called Connect in Far North Queensland. Printing 40 pages and 1000 copies a month we fast became a need to have item. After a year of publication we changed format from A5 to A4 also introducing 16 pages of colour (8 spot, 8 full colour). After two and a half years of being editor I resigned for personal reasons and moved to mullumbimby NSW.

Creating this magazine bought a few other clients including doing layout for the Barfly. An entertainment street press newspaper which unfortunately is no longer with us. Below is some of my older works. I just like to see them every once and a while, just to see how much my work has changed over time.

Connect Magazine

Cover for issue 12 March 2005

















Connect Magazine

Cover for issue 11 February 2005


















Envirofiesta Poster

This A3 poster was for a fancy dress fundraiser. The theme was dress as your favorite creature. To metamorphosis into an endangered species perhaps.

















Envirofiesta poster

This event did really well for us. Reggae is always going to bring in a crowd. Especially when your supporting the environment centre.



















EnviroFiesta Poster

This was the main poster for envirofiesta 2004. As you can see there was a lot of events on that year.