Lickorish Music

First and foremost I am a musician. for 30 years I’ve been playing music, though these days I spend more time recording than doing live gigs. I remember I reached a point where I decided I didn’t want to play in smoke filled rooms to drunken people any more. Maybe now that smoking is banned in Hotels I’ll consider getting a performance together. Does anyone know of a violinist who can play like this?

All the instruments and vocals you hear were created by me either, with midi or played/sung live. These songs are a work in progress and are in no way complete. They are here ’cause so many people have asked to hear my music and what direction I’ve been taking in recent years.

All material on the site and this page in particular is Copyright and may not be used in any way or in any form with out my express permission.

The Tourist

This first one is a lot of fun. I called it the tourist cause it’s based on a true story. Met a backpacker who was only in town for a few days. We did go to the beach and we did have a lot of fun….


I once lived on a property north of Melbourne. I had done up an old cow bales as a cottage. The owner came and evicted us and turned around and let it out to someone else for more rent. This was synonymous of my life at the time. I friend had pulled cards at random from a tarot deck while thinking of me. She pulled the same card several times. The tower…


I particular like the dirty bass sound. It’s going through about 4 effects units. Then there’s the EQ sweeps and the wah wah guitar….


This was done is about 20 min. It was created about 5 years ago and its more the direction I am going in these days.