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7-Zip is a free open source compression utility which works like Winzip or Stuffit but is better faster, more flexible and FREE.


VLC is a free, open-source universal, cross-platform media player that will play just about any video format known to humankind – avi, mov, mpeg4, mpg2, DVD, VCD, mp3, ogg, H264 (avc) divx, mpeg1, mpeg2, DV, mjpeg, wmv and the list goes on. Its availible for every OS (win, mac, linux, bsd) and is without doubt the best media player around making both Quicktime and Win Media Player look positively lame..!

Font Thing

Font Thing
Browse installed and uninstalled TrueType fonts, viewing sample text, individual characters, and detailed font information. Easy font-management functions let you install, uninstall, print, copy, or delete any number of fonts at once. You can even store your own notes with them, filter them according to type (serif, sans serif, and so on), and group them into collections for convenience. This version lets you choose your font colors, set up drop-down lists of standard text samples, rename font files to avoid conflicts, and load fonts temporarily for use without installing them.

Open Office

Open Office is everything you need in an office application suite without being beholden to Microsoft. Its 100% Free and open-source and will do everything you need with a compatible application to the entire MS Office suite. Compaitbility is not an issue as it saves in all the usual formats.

Virtual Photographer

Virtual Photographer is one of the most amazing free plug-in suites you’ll ever see. Significantly better than anything else of it’s kind, including those you’d pay hundreds of dollars for, Virtual Photographer is a huge suite of colour filters and effects for Photoshop.


SUPER is the best video format encoding and trans-coding tool on the web. It is 100% free and is significantly more powerful and easy to use than anything you might actually pay for :0 Super will encode your video files to any of the most popular formats and codecs – H264, Mpeg-4, 3gp, AAC, mp3, FLV (flash video), aac, mov, Mpeg I and II, SWf as well as pre built for I-Pod, pocketPC and PSP devices.

Primo PDF

Primo PDF is a free PDF creation tool. It installs as a printer on your system and to create a PDF from any application you simply select ‘print’ and choose the PrimoPDF printer as a device and away you go.


IrfanView is a very fast, small, compact and innovative FREEWARE (for non-commercial use) graphic viewer for Windows.


Gimp is a free open source alternative to Photoshop. Its very powerful and functional following many of the established methods for working with digital images so you wont feell like you’re learning from scratch.It works on many operating systems, in many languages.


FireFox is a free open-source web browser that is significantly faster, more powerful, efficient and secure than Microsoft Internet Explorer.

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